坦帕,弗拉.-- Sypriraybet网投ti8下注雷竞技apps Electronics,LLC,Sypris Solutions,Inc。的子公司雷竞技二维码用于多个政府计划的关键电子组合。生产将于2020年开始,并继续进入2021.签订协议的条款。

奖项包括生产多种弹药分配系统的各种电子组件。“这对我们的业务国防部部门的叙述另有另一个重要的胜利,”吉姆龙表示,副总raybet网投裁兼总经理Jim Long说。ti8下注雷竞技app“我们的客户是这项军事申请的领导者,我们的技术和运营优势是这次获胜的关键。我们很高兴有机会扩大与这一重要客户的关系。“

raybet网投ti8下注雷竞৙雷竞技二维码6;appSypris Electronics是一种可信电子解决方案提供商,解决客户对构建复杂,关键任务电子和机电设备和集成系统的需求。凭借50年的经验,Sypris的工程和制造服务跨越客户的产品生命周期raybet网投,内容在持续改进和六西格玛/精益思维的文化中。来自多个机构和一级公司的合作伙伴和一家在军事(DOD),空间,医疗,海底和工业市场与SYPRIS的工业市场,以提供以严格遵守规范的要求,提供高可靠性电子产品。raybet网投有关更多信息,请访问www.raybet网投sypriselectronics.com.


此新闻稿在联邦证券法中包含“前瞻性”陈述。前瞻性陈述包括我们对未来财务和业务绩效的计划和期望。Such statements may relate to projections of the company’s revenue, earnings, and other financial and operational measures, our liquidity, our ability to mitigate or manage disruptions posed by COVID-19, and the impact of COVID-19 and economic conditions on our future operations, among other matters. COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the United States and other countries across the world, and the duration and severity of its effects are currently unknown. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted, and is likely to continue to result, in significant economic disruption and has and will likely adversely affect our business. The Company has continued to operate at each location and sought to remain compliant with government regulations imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

这里的每个前瞻性陈述都受风险和不确定性,详见我们最近的形式10-k并形成10-Q和其他秒文件。简而言之,我们目前认为这种风险还包括以下内容:Covid-19的影响和经济条件对我们未来的业务;可能对大流行的公共政策反应,包括可能影响我们的运营或供应链的立法或限制;我们未能成功完成关于我们宣布的合同“订单”,“胜”或“奖项”的最终合同谈判;我们的运营和资本投资的成本,质量,及时性,效率和产量,包括员工培训,营运资金,生产时间表,周期时间,废税率,工资,加班费,货运或快速成本的影响;涉及政府,供应商,客户或雇员索赔的争议或诉讼;我们无法为我们的产品开发新的或改进的产品或新市场;原材料和电子元件零件的成本,质量和可用性;我们对第三方供应商和子供应商的依赖;电子元件的持续短缺和广泛的延期时间;未能充分保险或识别环境或其他可保险的风险; volatility of our customers’ forecasts, scheduling demands and production levels which negatively impact our operational capacity and our effectiveness to integrate new customers or suppliers, and in turn cause increases in our inventory and working capital levels; adverse impacts of new technologies or other competitive pressures which increase our costs or erode our margins; U.S. government spending on our products and services, including the timing of budgetary decisions; changes in licenses, security clearances, or other legal rights to operate, manage our work force; cyber security threats and disruptions; inaccurate data about markets, customers or business conditions; or unknown risks and uncertainties. We undertake no obligation to update our forward-looking statements, except as may be required by law.